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Wazifa in Islam

What is Wazifa?

Wazifa is An Arabic word that means ‘to employ’ or ‘to summon’. In general, Wazifa is the process to recite any phrase or words can be Dua or Ayat from Quran to manifest something.  In Sufism, the term ‘wazifa’ refers to the stimulation of qualities of Allah by reciting and meditating on some Names of Allah or all 99 names of Allah. Wazifa is slightly different from Dua, as you can use your own words and language in Dua but in wazifa, a certain powerfully energized phrase is recited repeatedly ina specific number of times.

Wazifa can be for

  • Wazifa for Marriage
  • Wazifa for Travelling
  • Wazifa for Health
  • Wazifa for Income

How to recite wazifa?

By reciting wazifa again and again you send strong and powerful vibrations. You need to be consistent and have a strong faith in the words that you are reciting in the form of wazifa. Here are some rules that one should keep in mind while reciting wazifa

  1. Do not ever doubt
  2. Do it with your heart
  3. Do not break the plan
  4. Recite as much as times you can
  5. Keep smiling while doing wazifa
  6. Do remember that whatever you are asking from the universe you will get it
  7. Do gratitude prayers

The main rule of reciting a wazifa is that your wish/desire should be legitimate.

Can I recite wazifa during periods?

Wazifa is not ritual worship, it is a form of prayer that you can do anywhere anytime. In Islam, women are somewhat restricted to perform certain ritual worships when they are on periods, but they can still pray or recite wazifa while menstruating. Anyways, the mensurating stage is not a thing that should be considered with religion. It is a natural feminine character that is ofcourse not a sin. Wazifa works everywhere, anytime, if it is done in the right way. Do not question the delay of getting results, keep reciting wazifa, even if you on your periods, and have faith.

How wazifa work?

Wazifa is asking for help from Allah in getting their desire fulfilled. If your desire is good, and it is not harming anyone in anyway, Allah will help you to reach your goal. Reciting wazifa means you are sending very strong vibrations to god with strong faith, that if you are asking Allah, he can not deny. These vibrations of the ‘Intension of the Mind’ is the Powerhouse to drive the magnetic fields and enough to attract your goal or dream towards you. The strong wazaif may result in gettingmanifestationsto come true instantly. Do remember, wazifa should be recited for a good deed.

How wazifa should be done?

Wazifa isa kind of prayer in which recitation of words, clauses, and sentences i.e., Names of Allah, Names of Beloved Prophet, Peace be upon Him is performed. Always pay gratitude in starting the prayer for whatever you have. Recite certain words or the suitable wazifa for your desire at a certain time. Keep a smile on your face and realize if you already got the thing you want. Allah is listening to your every word, so choose your words correctly.

Prayers are supposed to be done in a peaceful place so the recitation of wazifa requires. Find a peaceful place, sit there calmly, recite your wazifa, visualize your dream, and do not forget to pay gratitude.

Why wazifa don’t work?

A strong wazifa has good words, the good intention behind it, and strong faith in the heart of the person who is reciting it. here are several reasons or mistakes that you are failing in getting desired results,

  1. You are probably performing two wazifa’s with the same time frame.
  2. Your intention is not legitimate and valid.
  3. You are still questioning the process.
  4. You have left reciting wazifa in between.
  5. You are being lazy.
  6. You are not consistently reciting wazifa

If you are doing any of these mistakes, it means you are not serious about your dream or you do not want it wholeheartedly.