As-salamu Alaykum Yes you are in right place. I know you want to marry your lover and in marriage, there is a number of hurdles in your marriage.No need to worry I am here to solve your problems only.

Love is part of everyone life. Love to make the bond stronger between two people. Basically, persons who are in love want to marry each other because they feel more secure and togetherness. It creates a family and this is the lifecycle of every human being.

Now the main point is people who fallen in love sometimes not able to get marry or they face problems like parents are not approving for marriage or lover get angry or lover get attracted to other male or female or people have to arrange marriage and they are not getting love from husband or wife. What will happen if there are such kinds of problems. How we will solve them? How everything works smoothly? The one and only answer are Allah.

What is wazifa love ? Do it work ?

In Islam Allah k bando ne wazifa or aayat likhi hui hai unko karna ya kissi se karwana taki tumhe tumhara pyar or mohabat mil sake. Basically yeh pyar or mohabat ka wazifa hai . In English, we called it Love wazifa .

In real this is Allah Blessing. As I am explaining Wazia is only the solution if you want to marry a person who loves you or get your love back by this powerful love wazifa and you will enjoy your rest of life together. Basically love problem wazifa is only one solution to get love from husband or wife in arrange marriage. After performing this wazifa you will be happy forever no one came in between your life. Even though, no one can destroy your love life

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