Wazifa for child

A baby brings happiness, and adventure to the couple and entire family. It is very famous saying that by giving birth to a baby completes a women’s life. It is absolutely true. Unfortunately, due to some health issues, some women face complications in conceiving. Some women lose their baby due to miscarriage.

Wazifa for child

Allah puts us in trouble to examine our patience. He wants everyone to make strong. If you are facing any trouble in getting pragnent. Ask Allah to help. He is the creator, he is our protector, he is owner and he is the guide. Wazifa for child will help you to communinicate with Allah who guides each and everyone on this earth. This guaranteed result-oriented wazifa will help you in having baby.

The strong determination you will have, sooner you will get the results.

How to Perform Wazifa for Having a Baby?

  1. A woman who wants to get pregnant shall have to proceed with this wazifa herself. She can perform it on any day and after offering entire Maghrib prayers.
  2. All she is required is to calmly make an ablution.
  3. She has to recite a part of Surah #3, Surah Ale ‘Imran, Verse #38 of The Noble Qur’an seven (7) times.
  4. Later, while raising both the hands and start asking ALLAH for a baby.
  5. A woman can perform this every day till she gets pregnant. There is no fixed number of days for this wazifa. If she wants she can perform a Normal Safe Child Delivery Wazifa Bache Ki Paidaish Ki Dua from this link. After becoming pregnant she should take care of her diet, see this link for Islamic Women Monthly Pregnancy Chart With Diet.
  6. Insha ALLAH her dream of getting pregnant soon will turn into reality, Ameen.

Important Note: Females should not recite this wazifa for pregnancy during their menses/periods.

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